April 8, 2019

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ALL OF OUR MULCH PRODUCTS ARE MADE WITH 100% NATURAL HARDWOODS - No pallets or construction debris

Sylvester Custom Grinding provides you with Environmentally Friendly Color Enhanced Mulch 

Environmentally Friendly Color Enhanced Mulch

How safe is the colored mulch?

Recent independent laboratory studies looked at colored mulch very closely to determine its toxicity to the skin, eyes, lungs and internal organs. The results showed mulch colorants to be well-below EPA guidelines in terms of heavy metals and that they contain no detectable volatile organic compounds (VOCs). The studies placed mulch colorants into the lowest and safest level of toxicity possible — Category IV.

By contrast, table salt and baking soda have higher levels of toxicity. In other words, colored mulch poses no toxic risk to your pets, plants, or the environment.

It’s easy to use and maintain.

Ideally, colored mulch should be applied when there is no rain in the forecast for at least 24 hours. It can be applied on bare soil or over existing mulch, and to a depth of 2 to 4 inches.
As with traditional mulch, you should periodically check colored mulch for compaction, and use a cultivator or rake to loosen it up. This helps prevent fungal growth and improves plant hydration by allowing air and water to pass through.

We use only Mulch Magic and Starburst - the highest quality colorants by Color Biotics, a BASF company.

Mulch Magic is used on our Dark Walnut Brown and Black colored mulches. It is designed to produce perfectly colored mulch every time. Its high-quality ingredients provide consistent coverage on mulch fiber. With coverage as intense as the color, mulch fibers are completely encapsulated in vibrant colors.

Starburst is used on our Gold and Red colored mulches. Starburst is the top of the line colorant offered in the industry. It is used on our Gold and Red mulches to provide unmatched vibrancy, superior adhesion, uniformity in color and pigment protection for maximum weather wearability.

All of our colored mulches are double ground and colored using a 3” screen in our state-of-the-art 2015 Rotochopper 775 hp grinder/colorizer.

We can also deliver the mulch to your location or job site.

For Wholesale Pricing please call 612-619-5321

Wholesale pricing is only available to Licensed Landscape Companies and requires proof of sales tax exemption.

Retail Pricing

We have added an additional service for our customers. Dumping of yard waste, landscape tear outs and wood debris is now available at our wood yard in Roberts, WI during regular business hours.

All pricing is based on the size of vehicle used to deliver the debris. WE RESERVE THE RIGHT TO REFUSE ANY DEBRIS THAT DOES NOT MEET OUR CRITERIA.

Please see the chart below for dumping pricing:


Dark Brown

Starburst Gold

Starburst Red

New England

Fine Black

Premium Double

Grind Natural Mulch

New England

Fine Natural Mulch

Western Red Cedar

Washed Sand

River Rock


Black Dirt


All retail deliveries are made using a third party delivery service with a dump truck.

Rates are as follows:

Hudson, Burkhardt, Roberts, River Falls, New Richmond, Hammond  -  $80.00

Prescott, Ellsworth, Somerset, Baldwin, Beldenville  -  $100.00

Sylvester Custom Grinding: “The difference is our commitment to 100% Customer Satisfaction”

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Delivery is available with our 40 or 60 cubic yard trucks.

Our Rotochopper coloring Starburst Red Mulch at our Roberts, WI location.

We color all our mulches on a hard permanent service – not on dirt or gravel.